The Fair

We went to the fair, my parents and me,
We went on the rides; it was a great place to be,
Many of the rides were much the same,
Most I even forgot what was their name,
I had lots of food in the kiosks at the fair,
Hotdogs, popcorn, drinks and even a burger,
Then we went on the biggest ride of them all,
The super-duper monster, 300 feet tall,
It spirals and turns and flips,
Oh, I forgot, we also had fish and chips,
As we were going on that high-speed ride,
My stomach was turning side to side,
As the roller coaster took a sharp turn,
I lost the hotdog, burger and the popcorn,
We took a nosedive; we were on our fingertips,
So went flying the fish, the sauce and the chips,
Going to the fair is an amazing adventure,
If you don’t mind losing your dinner.

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