My Daily Walk

I went to my doctor with a pain in my side,
I said it was so bad I thought I had died,
Every time I eat pizza for dinner or lunch,
This pain attacks and it feels like a punch,
What do you suggest doctor, what should I do?
Well said the doctor, “I can tell you it isn’t the flu”,
Here is what I suggest you start doing, after you eat,
You get off your butt, and you get on your feet,
You walk everyday many Kilometers, you don’t stop,
You walk every day, until you almost drop,
In a week, please come by again to revaluate,
Then I shall check what your body can tolerate,
After a week, I called my doctor as he said,
He asked why I called, and not come instead,
“Doctor you said we revaluate after my weekly maneuver”,
“Well doctor I can’t come, I am calling from Vancouver”.

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