My Singing

I love to sing,
It seems to be my thing,
My repertoire consists of ballads,
Opera, jazz, soul, and other musical salads,
I sing arias, duets, bell canto, yodel, and choral,
I sing solo and I sing in the plural,
I sing chansons, a-cappella, latino and new age,
Bluegrass, pop and rock, of which I sing off stage,
Last year I made a lot of money, just around the home,
It seems I caused an “eardrum deafness syndrome”,
Anyone that hears me sing goes into convulsions,
This causes the eardrum to go bang, with explosions,
To keep me quiet people bought three million records,
Without any advertising, and any fancy billboards,
My message, my famous money making slogan,
My music is awful – but my silence is golden.


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