My Doll

As I recently mentioned, not long ago,
My family was so poor; we were eating straw,
My parents got married, just for the thrown rice,
I was so skinny, to see me, you had to look twice,
I had to pass wind to get a s-cent,
To move up in the world, we moved to a tent,
We had no money at all, to buy us kids a toy,
So that my brother and I, could play and enjoy,
One day I found a nice size limestone rock,
It became my little baby doll, I called him Spock,
Spock grew to be a nice doll, a hard kid he was,
Although his weight was static, around 39 Oz,
Spock was also very durable, a tough doll,
He stood a proud constant 10 inches tall,
For my 4th birthday, we all went to the lake,
What happened next, I swear, was by mistake,
My brother and I tried to teach Spock to swim,
Thus, Spock found his end to be very grim,
Apparently, a limestone doll is too heavy to float,
Either you remain on land, or you go on a boat,
Swimming in the deep lake, your chances are slim,
There is no question; it is not sink or swim,
You sink to the bottom, like poor Spock,
Which is now known as the kid from the loch,

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