Going To The Gym

I love going to the gym,
You can lift, run, jump, treadmill and swim,
I go everyday for at least two hours,
(This does not include an hour in the showers),
I sit in the gym, I watch the weight lifters,
They work around the clock ,on their figures,
Then I spend time with a glass of beer,
Watching the runners and I give them a cheer,
Later I go down to the bar, sit on a stool,
Watching the swimmers doing laps in the pool,
While I am eating a steak in sauce ,done on the grill,
I am keeping an eye on the gymnasts on the treadmill,
After my blood works, and cholesterol count,
My doctor said I had better start working out,
Now my doctor is happy this way,
I told him I go to the gym everyday,

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