New Printer

My father has a new printer, in his study,
This brings a whole new dimension to playing and party,
It’s a printer, a fax, a scanner and a copier too,
Basically it is a whole new toy box, in my view,
So this morning, I decided to get down to business,
It was especially good, with no one to witness,
I started to copy food, from the kitchen,
I worked all day long; I was a boy with a mission,
I copied some fruits, oranges, plums and a banana,
A couple of steaks, a chicken, shrimps from Louisiana,
I copied fish, potatoes, and a green salad that we had,
I used the leftover marinade, before it went bad,
I scanned a pumpkin, I printed a melon,
And then I faxed a lobster, to my friend Dylan,
I think I overdone it this time, the printer is busted,
To be faxing a mushroom soup, it cannot be trusted,

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