Holiday Celebrations

Last week, we celebrated Hanukah,
It is a holiday, with lots of high drama,
In its honor, we ate latkes and stuffed donuts, a lot,
To celebrate the victory, retell the famous Maccabis plot,
Then we had Purim, another celebration,
We dressed in costums, and dance with a feeling of elation,
We ate Hamantaschen, to celebrate the Hebrew nation,
After that, we have Passover, a nice long holiday,
We eat Kneidalach, Matzo and Matzo balls, (we also pray)
That our tummy will hold up, from exploding through the day,
We also have Sukkoth, with lots of sweets and honey,
Dry fruit, fresh fruit, we get the runs, it is killing our tummy,
Shavuot is a holiday to celebrate the gift of the bible
We eat many cheese goodies, and we add an apple,
At Rosh Hashanah, we dip apples in honey,
Just in case, and to be safe, for days we stuff our tummy,
This is why the almighty invented Yom Kippur, to be on holy ground,
So we may have one holiday, that we may lose a pound,

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