The Basement

I don’t like the basement,
It gives me the chills,
My brother told me,
Down there, is the land of Brazil,
You go down the stairs,
Past the furnace and laundry rooms,
You pass the dungeon,
Where the ogre looms,
If you are lucky, and you made it through him,
(Do make sure you never screech or scream),
You will be facing the only gate to Brazil,
The land of the Samba, Carnivals,
And meat on a grill,
You take the boat down the Amazon River,
You may see in the woods, an anaconda twirler,
You can sail down the river all the way to Peru,
If you manage to escape the Piranha,
That are after you,
Maybe I am better off staying upstairs,
All I have to deal with here is bears.

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