I Gave Mommy A Haircut

Mommy fell asleep, on the recliner tonight,
It must be that she got tired, because we always fight,
She wants me to eat dinner, and shower and brush,
Do my homework, clean my room, and throw out the trash,
She was so busy; she did not go to the hairdresser,
She said she had no time, because I stressed her,
Now that Mommy is asleep, I thought I would surprise her,
I’ll cut her hair and style it, just the way that she’ll prefer,
I took the big scissors, and I started clipping,
I did all that Bruno the hairdresser, does snipping,
I have no idea what I did wrong; I was just cutting away,
Mommy woke up, when I started to spray,
Mommy was not very happy; for sure she was not,
Daddy says that I gave Mommy, a gorgeous bald spot,

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