Lisa The Falkland Sheep

Lisa, the Falkland sheep,
Was tired and fell asleep,
Lisa, had long coat of wool,
That covered her in full,
It was white, with brown spots,
And a couple of darkish dots,
She really looked fine, dear Lisa,
Unlike her sister Larisa,
That was partially bald,
(But was never recalled),
And eventually was skewed,
To be barbequed,
On that particular evening,
It started heavily raining,
Lisa was stuck, out in the meadow,
With a couple of rams, and a cow,
As it stopped raining, and became dry,
(This is all true, not a lie),
Lisa started to scream, and in a blink,
Disappeared as her wool started to shrink,
From that tragic day, in the Falkland,
Scientists made changes to the wool gland,
They tweaked the sheep’s code of genetics,
And since then the wool of the Falkland sheep,
Is 100% based on synthetics,

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