Bozo The Clown

This is a story I heard, of Bozo the clown,
I heard he needed time off, so he went out of town,
He took a cruise to the Dark Continent,
It was to be, his once in a life time major event,
He went to Mali and Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria,
Believe you me, it was a little warmer than Siberia,
Bozo was invited, to a weeklong Safari,
About 2000 miles north, of the Kalahari,
The story goes; he was attacked by a wild cat,
That was looking, to supplement, his protein and fat,
Yet at the last moment, after one single bite,
The wild cat spat Bozo from his mouth, and took a hike,
When everyone helped Bozo up, in disbelief,
Asking, “how come the wild cat did not eat him like ground beef”,
Bozo, with a big smile said: “this question is right on the money”
“I guess the wild cat spat me out, because I tasted funny”

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