I remember when I was young, in grammar school,
I was not a bad student, as a rule,
But one day, a life changing event took place,
My teacher was irritated, and said to my face:
“You realize, that the quality of work you presented today,”
“Any monkey in the zoo, could have done, I can easily say”
I am not one to argue, so I went to the zoo,
After all one does, what one is told to do,
I arranged with the camel, to do my chemistry,
The giraffe, my history and trigonometry,
The hippo was kind enough, to write my English exams,
My drama and art periods, are covered by the lambs,
Math and Latin, were taken care of, by the owl,
He apparently is very smart, not like the other fowl,
I graduated after two years, instead of after four,
Because my private tutor was a pushy wild boar,
Now I am considering running for the presidential post,
I understand that wild boar makes an amazing rib roast,

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