Seat Belts

I remember, when I was a child,
We used to go in the car, for a trip or a ride,
Never heard of baby seats, or seat belts in the car,
We were a tough bunch – we were and still are,
Nothing scares us; we do what we like,
Taking a car trip – or out for a hike,
We are tough as nails; we can take it all,
Bring it on, big or small,
Last week, we drove to Niagara Falls,
Needless to say, without seat belts of course,
A big truck hit us from behind, big boom,
Jerry flew through the window, as if riding a broom,
Yes in a second, Jerry was gone, disappeared,
We heard he landed on a wall in Hamilton – he got smeared,
So next time you go on a trip in the car, you hear?
Ask your Dad to tie you down, so you don’t disappear

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