Kids are worried and concerned,
About strange things in the land,
They hear stories of ogres and dragons,
And of dark shadows riding wagons,
Of monkeys in the bedroom closets,
Coming out when the sun sets,
But not me, don’t make me laugh,
You guys are a riot, enough is enough,
I took the ogre made him clean the dishes,
Then I granted him three wishes,
Took the dragon, he had no clue,
To the back, to start the BBQ,
The shadows had to peel potatoes,
For the fries, and then tomatoes,
For the salad, beside the steaks,
They all worked, nobody got any breaks,
The monkeys had to set the tables,
Sticking carefully all the name labels,
So next time you think you saw an ogre,
Keep in mind you are much bigger,
And the dragons that you see,
Tell them to warm up your tea,

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