Mommy Felix and Kid Oscar

Picture two conflicting powers, if you please,
Let’s name one, Mommy Felix
And the other – Kid Oscar is,
One is a walking mess,
Never picks anything off the floor,
The other is a clean-up freak,
That on dirt declared war,
Put these two opposites in the same apartment,
You just got yourself the making of an insane environment,
Felix and Oscar the ultimate odd couple, on movie and TV,
Everyone used to enjoy laughing at, on this we all agree,
Imagine starting the day with vacuuming the bed,
Every picture out of balance, every breadcrumb, makes you see red,
Wiping the floor for the “umpteen” time,
Dishes in the sink are a major crime,
Poor Kid Oscar after eating a candy bar,
Got stuck with the wrapper (yes it got that far),
So what can Kid Oscar now do?
Well tomorrow, we will eat the wrapper in the fondue

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