A Stroll In Spring

We went for a walk, the zebra and me,
On the lake-shore, (that’s on the lake, not the sea),
It was late afternoon; it must have been around four,
Many of the zoo residents, were on the shore,
There were the llamas the bears and a few alligators,
Yes, it seems everyone loves the great outdoors,
There were plenty of people around, all with big smiles,
In all kind of dresses and clothing and styles,
Some were hat-less some wore a hat,
Some were walking a dog and some were dragging a cat,
The lions were pushing a stroller with a Moose,
It was a funny looking moose, it looked like a goose,
The penguins were wearing baseball caps, front to back,
Some were eating hotdogs and some another type of snack,
The sharks were sitting in the local cafe, eating fish and chips,
The fish must have been good; the sharks were smacking their lips
I love long walks in the afternoons on the lake-shore in spring,
With the zebra the llama and the duck from Peking

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