International Pizza

We ordered pizza, as big as a wheel,
It had cheese from Italy and pepperoni from Brazil,
It had eggplants from the US and tomatoes from Chile,
It had Salmon from Nova Scotia and cream cheese from Philly,
It had Mozzarella from Chicago, and Asiago from Santiago,
It had peppers from Israel and sauce from Glasgow,
It had mushrooms from Poland and Salami from Hungary
It had cabbage from Spain and Zucchini from Germany
It had Feta from Bulgaria and olive oil from Greece
It had green olives from Portugal and Bindenfleisch made in Suisse,
It had black olives from Syria and Turkish Delight from Istanbul,
There was some yellow stuff on it that made everyone start to drool,
After we finished the pizza, (we ate it real pronto),
So now I am writing this from Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto

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