The Chicows

Everyone says, I make up stories and tell tales,
I don’t lie they say, “I just exaggerate the details”
I make a molehill into a mountain,
And from a Chiwawa, I make a “Great Dane”,
Is it my fault I see what others don’t?
You think it strange that “a tot”, is a start-up adult?
My grandpa made me… a HUGE…. cheese bourekas,
It was so big, it was delivered by a train on the trucks,
The leftovers were used as a cave, by a colony of bats,
The smell brought home, all the neighborhood’s cats,
When I went to Florida, we saw a herd in the meadow,
It was a large pack of Chicows,
(They are hatched from the eggs of chickens and cows),
So next time, you are going to say I exaggerated,
You had better look, at the pictures we created,
Well this trip, the pictures were ruined by a great tornado,
That came upon us, when we were down in Orlando,
So, this time I can’t show you the pictures we took,
Of the Chicows, the Bourekas and the great windy Chinook,
Stick around for a while; you will be surprised,
How things around here, will grow to be over-sized

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