Liam the Giant

When Liam was born, he was a little boy
His cousins Zoe and Emme, viewed him as a little toy
But Liam has an appetite like a bear
He eats lots of formula, milk, and all he can find anywhere
He grows fast, he is quick, and he is turbo swift
Since he is eating in first, second and third shift,
He is growing to be a giant and strong, sturdy and tough,
In short, Liam is turning into the “Right Stuff”,
Liam is growing to be a good kid around the house,
He is helpful and kind, (also loves the waltzes of Strauss),
Liam is always caring, loving and concerned,
He lifts the grand piano with only one hand,
So that whoever cleans under, does not need to bend,
Yes Liam is something else, you rather be his friend,
Invest in Huggies, and Pampers, take my advice,
Soon Liam will be upgrading his diaper size

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