The Band

Mark plays the clarinet, on our marching band,
It’s not too hard, since you can hold it, with just one hand,
Norman from grade four plays the saxophone,
And Rita from grade seven, blows on the trombone,
Red headed Jerry, drums on the timpani,
It is a little heavy, but Jerry will do anything for money,
Ron plays the trumpet and Gordon plays the flute,
Everyone likes Gordon; everyone thinks he is cute,
Yet, the one that gets the most attention,
And she will do it till she retires and on pension,
That is Anna the virtuoso, the talented player,
No one can play as good as she can; no one has a prayer,
She is so good; she was invited to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”,
Where she could show everyone how good she is with the piano,
To bring her piano to every single march she insists,
This can be very annoying, (that’s the nature of the beast)
Yet she has everyone’s respect in the marching band
Marching with a Grand Piano around your neck
-Is not really in demand

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