Tao in Colors

Oh, you yellow belly,
Turned green with envy,
When we caught you red handed,
With the silver spoon in your mouth extended,
Your knee was black and blue,
Once we saw your red face, we knew,
It was not all black and white,
Neither was it rosy nor was it bright,
We never gave the green light,
Your golden opportunity was ripe,
It was clear it was a white lie,
You may have the blues and cry,
Yet once in a blue moon,
I am tickled pink and play a tune,
Don’t be in the dark,
You white shark,
Seeing red, instead,
Do not fret,
Put on your rosy glasses, purple rain,
Roll out the red carpet, cut a vain,
Showing your true colors, right now,
Will be your Tao
As for me, I am in a bind,
Because I am colorblind

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