How Many Layers?

Mom made a magical birthday cake,
A multilayer, amazing cake she baked,
First layer all covered, with white chocolate,
This was the base, at the bottom of the plate
The second layer, made out of coconut mix,
It was to be holding the rest, like a layer of bricks,
The third layer was a layer of fruits, (fresh and dry),
The type that you would put, in a delicious fruit pie,
The fourth was a layer of biscuits and wafers of all kinds,
Some coated with ginger, some soaked with red wine,
The fifth layer was made of just colorful candy,
Some were with nuts; some were with liquor and brandy,
The sixth layer was jam, and to add to the drama,
Mommy added cream made from the milk of a llama,
Altogether, I counted six layers in total height,
Each layer is worthy of every bite,
When mommy had to go to the store, to buy bread
To Zoe and Emme she said
“Girls keep an eye on the birthday cake-
The six layer cake that I baked-
Back in five minutes, the baking was exhausting,
When I return we will cover the cake with the frosting”,
Mommy went to the store and in five she was back,
The cake was waiting for her on the baking rack,
There it was standing tall,
With all its four layers, as I recall

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