The Light Switchers

Marty is the little guy in the fridge,
He is the one controlling the on/off switch,
He is always freezing, shivering and quivering,
(No one claimed it was going to be pleasing,)
But Marty is loyal, Marty is true,
He will stick to his job, even when he turns blue,
In a way, Marty should be thankful,
Leopold’s job is so much more dreadful,
He is in charge of the oven’s light,
The one that comes on very bright,
When one opens the oven’s door,
So many times (Leopold already lost the score),
And the heat and the sweat are very demanding,
No room for mistakes or misunderstandings,
Their cousin is too embarrassed to announce his job,
Believe me it is not because he is a snob,
He is the one that controls the water flow
In the urinal at the Pearson Airport depot,
Yes, Cousin Frederick is the one to oversee
That the water flow cleans all the pee

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