Like A Baboon

I hate spinach! I hate it a lot!
I hate it served cold or hot,
Everyone tells me it is full of vitamins,
Between you and me, I don’t know what it means,
Vitamin C or B or K or A or E,
They are all the same gibberish to me,
I like to chew gum, berry, cherry, and minty,
I don’t care as long as there is plenty,
I also like peanut butter and jam,
Believe me it tastes so much better than lamb,
“Oh Henry” is a nice chocolate bar,
“Three Musketeers” and “Kit Kat” also are,
I love “Turtles” and “Mars Bar” I prefer,
But “Reese’s” is my choice as a connoisseur,
Chicken, lamb, beef and rice,
Can’t compete, they are not even nice,
There is only one problem, which I am trying to configure,
That is the problem of my expanding huge figure,
Apparently, lots of sweets is not recommended,
It will have certain parts of our body extended,
My belly is stuck out front like a balloon,
My purple red TUSH is sticking out like a baboon,
Climbing the stairs is an impossible task,
I am beginning to look like a wine barrel or cask,
Maybe I should start loving spinach,
And have just a piece of chocolate for lunch
Maybe by next summer I can swim in the pool
Instead of floating in it like a fool

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