Who Is On Second?

It isn’t always recommended,
To be the first in line, granted,
Not if you check the facts historically,
I can say that quiet categorically,
I can think of many examples,
And will give you a few samples,
So that you will also see the bitter truth,
We are being misinformed! since our youth,
Example one, with your permission,
(I do make deductions due to superstition)
How many a person walked into an elevator
Going thru the open door
Only to find there is no car,
Flying thru the shaft, and landing very far,
Yet the one behind unhurt,
Not even a stain on his shirt,
What about the mechanical mouse trap?
The first mouse going for the cheese, is slapped
The second mouse in line, avoids the toils
Because he was second, he enjoys the spoils
How many sat to the table, being the first biter,
Only to discover they are biting into a nightmare,
The second in line avoids the disaster,
Not being first but being the latter
So remember please, be kind and patient,
Take your time, you may prevent an event

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