The Secret System

Ever since, I became a granddad
A few years ago, and for that I am glad,
I have discovered, a few simple-truths,
Being successful, taking care of your youths,
There are certain procedures to follow,
Some of you may find this hard to swallow,
But whenever I tend to the tots,
And to the tots, I do tend lots,
I always carry milk, in a bottle or a cup,
Of course, this does make sense, and does add up,
I do carry the quenching white liquids
Whenever, I look after one of the kids
So, when the baby starts crying,
Immediately my system I am applying,
I pour the milk, right on the floor- I do not blink,
I do not even stop to think,
(Cause everyone knows)
You do not cry, over spilled milk

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