Fur, Hair and Scales

I looked around, to take a head count
Of most living things, just to keep account
However, let me check again, please let me see
So I do not err, I want only fair to be,
I am checking out what do creatures wear,
I want to know because I really care,
Well, here is the scientific study outcome,
Listen up , here is the sum,
Let us check, sea creatures have scales,
This does not include dolphins and whales,
They are mammals, like you and me,
Even though they live at sea,
Tuna and herring, they are covered with scales,
(We know, they have no fingernails)
Monkeys and apes have long hair,
So do hippies, Lady Gaga and Cher,
The Mink, Chinchilla, and the polar bear,
Are covered head to toe, with beautiful fur!
But most strange, is a fact little known
Has been a secret, since king David sat on the throne,
Although most grandpa’s- have no hair on their top rack
They are covered with fur, all over their back,
So next time when you go to visit the zoo,
Keep your eyes open, you may see one or two,
If you pay attention, if you are in luck
You may see a grandparent carrying a kid on his back

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