One of Two

I looked under the bed
I looked under the tree and in the shed,
I looked in the yard and at school,
I even looked, deep into the pool,
Why is it that things that come in a pair-
End up missing, disappearing into thin air
I have one grey sock, and one pink
Three red ones, and one blue that stink,
One yellow sock that is not even mine, I think
I have one leather glove (leather does not shrink),
Two wool gloves, but both are left handed
The right ones are somewhere else, stranded,
There is one white running shoe without laces,
Three left shoes that I once used just for the races
I have one summer sandal and one winter boot
Walking like this, I look very cute,
Daddy says I am lucky my foot is connected to my toes
Mommy says I am lucky I only have one nose,
But me, I am just waiting for the moment I so dread
Both mom and dad say I will eventually lose my head

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