Declaring Independence

I think that Zoe and Emme – are fed up
Always are told, do this and do that,
It is always in the middle of a game
When mammy or daddy call out their name,
“Zoe and Emme it is time to eat”
“Come on girls, up on your feet”
I think they are going to announce a separation
Being Canadians, it is a part of every election,
Zoe and Emme will declare their independence,
Put a fence around the playground, and good riddance
They will of course need to design a national flag
It will be round and green with a huge M&M bag
School will have eight periods of recess per day
All the rest of the day – will also be a period of play
Food will consist of ice cream, donuts and chocolate
Spinach and veggies are illegal in the independent state
Weekends are from Monday to Friday,
They will have special weekend days Saturday and Sunday,
You only go to bed when you feel you are tired
Showers and bathing are voluntary and are much undesired
No grownups allowed without special permission
Mammy and daddy may hug, under special provision,
So now that the girls are part of the League of Nations,
Anyone who wants to join may want to fill an application

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