Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Fred Astaire was so light on his feet
Dancing with Ginger Rogers, cheek to cheek
Singing and dancing the Irving Berlin adaptations
That solidified Astaire and Rogers career and relations
Since 1933 in “Flying down To Rio”, this was their first,
Until 1949 when they did their last (and it was not their worst,)
They gave us ten beautiful musical pieces, what a joy
That will last forever and many generations will enjoy,
Gene Kelly had different style, less chic
Kelly was more athletic, had a more powerful technique,
When he swirled long legged, Cyd Charisse, in his arms,
In “Singing in the Rain”, in that green dress, working his charms,
The world held its breath; it was a moment to hold,
Since the movie came out, it was seen times untold,
Generations fell in love with the way they danced
Today the love of dance has returned much enhanced
“You think you can dance” a very popular show,
And the love of dance just continues to grow,
Hats off to Astaire and to Kelly, Charisse and Rogers,
To Irving Berlin, Hart, Hammerstein and Rodgers,
That brought us the love of song and dance
A little “cheek to cheek” with a lot of romance

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