I was always very tall
Ever since, I was very small
I remember, even in elementary school
It was an unwritten rule,
At the end of the year photography session
I was always behind the back row, without question
All the shorter kids were standing, each on a stool
Those are my memories, even before preschool,
Volleyball, basketball, I hated sports,
I preferred to read books than to run on the courts,
Yet it was the price to pay, for being tall,
These were the moments I wished I was small,
As the years went by, I kept growing even more,
I became the reporter keeping the weather score,
People were asking,”How is the weather up there?”
For this kind of reporting, I did not much care,
The years after that was not much of a change
I kept growing, a bit slower while the others –
Were narrowing the range,
As I grew older, I discovered something new and rare,
My height was growing faster than my hair,
Now the top of my head stands taller, I swear,
It stands about an inch above my hair,
This is an amazing discovery I must say,
I tell it all – nothing kept at bay,
So if you are looking for my curls or mane
Let me clarify it to you, please let me explain
I grew so fast, I past my top
And up above, there ain’t no mop.

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