New Grandson

I have a new grandson, Liam Matthew,
Not used, nor refurbished, he is brand new,
I checked to see, he is amazing, truly is,
The kid is already a public relations wiz,
After a few hours out, into the world
Everyone loved him in maternity ward,
He gulps down all that he is served
At this time, it is milk, warm and well preserved,
At present, he has a full daily schedule
He sleeps, he poops and again he refuels,
He seems to be quiet content
Well with such schedule, it is not exactly a torment
In a day or two he will be moving to his mansion
Where the rest of the serfs will jump to attention
I think that Liam Matthew is all set, for the good life
At least until he is ready for his own wife

One thought on “New Grandson

  1. kathy says:

    Mazel tov on the new family member ! Great new crop of poems … light reading though , as always, thoroughly interesting and insightful.


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