What Are The Odds?

Does one believe in Karma? Infinite fate,
Is there divine guidance, natural order? Does one dictate?
Can someone explain how it is possible? The probability,
What are the odds? It is impossibility,
Yet the facts are facts, there is no denying
There are forces beyond our comprehension, implying,
Our first granddaughter was born on my father’s birthday,
Our first grandson was born on my father’s passing day,
Mathematically chances are one in 365
No matter the equation, to this number you will arrive,
Yet two times this ratio, twice the inconceivable, we derive,
You tell me, are there forces at play?
This is not a month, a week, but the exact same day,
I am not religious, worshipper, observant individual,
It is incidents like this, which make exception to the rule
And it makes you think and it makes you wonder,
Something to muse over, consider and ponder

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