Lobster Anyone?

Sometimes when we go for a walk
Zoe and me, not far –  less than a block
We would go to the Promenade Mall
Zoe loves to take the shopping mall stroll
We would walk around knowing, that in the end
We will visit the fish tank at T&T, just around the bend
At the T&T fish counter, with the huge glass aquariums
Where assortment of fish, are taking their final cruise
There are pink salmon, red snappers, and trout
The oysters look like they are chilling out,
There are side walking crabs, and crawlers with jaws,
With huge arms ending with massive claws,
Busy they seem, walking around looking for fights,
Like seafaring, nature armoured brave knights,
Zoe, on the one hand, curious to see the lobsters
On the other hand, she holds on to me, a little nervous,
She would laugh aloud, at their ridiculous walk,
(They do seem funny, like a mantis in a frock),
Then we would walk around the store, some more,
(Because after a while, watching fish becomes a bore)
We end up at the fruit section, buying fresh fruits,
Zoe prefers food without claws-
She prefers food that has  roots

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