Ice Cream

Next time you are taking your kids for a stroll
Or your grand children –
When you play the grandparent role,
In winter when all is cold and white
The sunrays bounce of the snow so bright
Even if it is Brrrr…… cold to the bone
Pretend you are living inside an ice-cream cone,
You can have with you a raspberry drink,
Or a cup full to the rim with lots of chocolate milk,
Add a few pistachios to the mix
And you got yourself in a fix,
Everyone will be standing in line
On the world largest ice cream to dine,
Think of the possibilities,
No end to your capabilities,
Add almonds, walnuts, raisins, or honey,
Stop laughing it is not funny,
You can add M&M’s and chocolate candy
(If you are old enough) a few drops of brandy
We are so fortunate indeed,
To live in the world largest treat,
All the kids in the world will be jealous of you,
Everyone would wish, they had such goo
You could be kind and share your good luck
Let all the neighbourhood share in your snack

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