A Year Gone

Today is your birthday
Your first since you passed away
Last year today, we shared a cake
It was a chocolate cake, that Dina baked,
We pretended that all was well, but we all knew
It was to be your last – we had no clue
That it will take six days –
For death to make its claim – have its way
I miss you more than I ever thought I would
More than I am willing to admit, or should,
So much has happened, not all good
I am sure from where you are now; it is understood,
Not accepted, nor approved, not tolerated,
Yet you have seen it all, it is all dictated,
It is fate, and destiny, providence, doom, and karma,
A mix of futile comedy, tragedy and drama,
Today is also little Zoe’s birthday,
February seventh -you two shared this day,
And we shall always serve a cake,
I do not know who this cake will bake,
I do not know, will it be coconut or chocolate,
I do not know who will be away, take part or slowly out fade,
What was will never be, all is gone,
Until we meet again in the great beyond

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