Pick Up From School

Today I picked up Zoe from school,
I do not usually pick her up from school, as a rule
She had the funniest look of surprise, on her face
That slowly tuned into a big grin of happiness,
“Saba”, she called and jumped into my arms,
This young lady knows how to turn on the charms,
Then she told me of her adventure, that morning,
When it started to rain, without any warning,
She got her skirt all wet and dirty,
And had to dry it, and make it all pretty,
Now she can run around and play
It is only early afternoon- we still have all day
And Saba where is Mama, and where is the car,
What is that in the ashtray? Is this your cigar?
If we drive this way, the sun is in my eyes,
When we get home, will Mama be surprised?
Oh Zoe so many questions, you have, it is amazing,
No, it is still winter, not yet spring,
And Mamma will not be surprised in the least,
She is expecting you home, with a four o’clock feast,
Emme and you will play and have fun,
Until it will be time for bed, we will turn off the sun
You will have pleasant dreams, surrounded by love,
You are a great granddaughter for Saba to have

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