I deserve to be happy! it is required,
Yet in order to be happy, I must be inspired,
Indeed to be happy, is highly desired,
Besides, happiness; is very much admired,
Being happy, one has to be- appropriately wired,
I know I will be immensely happy, before I am retired,
Being unhappy does make one very tired,
It does come down to a philosophical question,
Does happiness depends on earthly possessions?
How does one know what happiness is?
Unless happiness was taken away, and it is no longer his,
How can we tell what is good, if we know not bad?
What is sweet, without a little sour, just a tad?
How do we appreciate what we have?
Until it is taken away (or at least cut in half)
How does one know happy, unless one is sad?
If I want to be sane, do I need to be mad?
It is a question of balance – or so it seems,
Since I dream when I am awake, and I am awake in my dreams

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