Darwin Killed God? Really?

Today I saw a program, on Documentary TV
(One of the still good channels, you must agree),
I heard them say, that Darwin killed God,
I thought that this, sounded a little odd
Since God has died many years ago,
He died of boredom, as everyone knows,
Since everybody claims ownership on the maker,
Monotheists, polytheists, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Quaker,
Since Adam and Eve, left the Garden of Eden,
(That we all know was in Mesopotamia and not in Sweden)
He let things go downhill,
Especially after the Cain incident, (now, there was a bitter pill),
The flood, Sodom, the Egyptian plagues,
It is a very long list (and it is not Craig’s),
So why blame poor Charles for God’s demise?
It is creationists versus evolutionists – no surprise,
Does anyone really think that the deity removal,
Would go so easy, without the almighty’s approval?
Us humans are so full of ourselves, we know best,
And after thousands of years, of the true God quest,
We still argue, kill, and maim in his name,
So maybe after all, God did die of shame.

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