Home, much more than a four-letter word,
You may play around with it, from serious to the absurd,
Yet it holds so much more, means everything,
In any language, any culture, from NY to Peking,
Just roll it on your tongue, “going home”, try it,
Even on your computer keyboard, right under “insert”,
“Coming Home”, “Going Home”, “home sweet home”,
Are part of our vocabulary, be it Paris or Rome,
What makes home what it is? What does it mean?
Home is the warmth, the essence of “being”,
The smile of your loved ones, when you walk in from the cold,
The place where your life, daily unfold,
The place where your family around the table gathers and sits,
Where your children come to visit you, (when time permits),
In the old days, we used to sit around the table, play scrabble,
Where you lectured the kids after they got into trouble,
Home is where you light the Shabbat and holiday candles, together,
With those that are here, today, for good and for better,
Home is where we light the candles, to keep us stronger,
On the Shiva and on YURZEIT, for those that are with us no longer,
Home is where your dreams are, your aspirations,
Home is for your hopes, and unfortunately frustrations,
Home is where you live, love, eat, sleep, read and write too,
And if you are lucky, home is where you will eventually part and say your adieu

One thought on “Home

  1. kathy says:

    Happy Chanukah from my home to yours … then again, do you or do you not have a home? If, not, does that make you homeless ? Or, do you carry your home with you in your heart rather than on your back ..

    chag sameach


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