My Special Treat

Every day I spoil myself, with my special treat,
It is my very secretive, stealthy, tasty retreat,
I know it is not much, you probably marvel, what is the fuss?
It seems so unimportant, there is almost nothing to discuss,
Yet it is the simple things, that make the biggest change,
Regardless if you agree, or find this very strange,
In my case the secret is – I know you will think it funny,
The reality is very simple, and does not cost any money,
It is my daily oatmeal cookie, my secret special recipe,
It will go well with lemonade, coffee, milk, even green tea,
I added a few ingredients, that make a completely new taste,
It will make your mouth water with delight, yet keep your thin waist,
I added Cayenne pepper, a dash of Ginger, a pinch of Turmeric,
Of course, you realise, the measurements are not British, but are Metric,
Thus every day after my daily exercises, when the body wants some carbs,
I indulge myself in my oatmeal cookie, and still can keep my abs

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