The Day Pavarotti Died

I was in my car, driving south on Yonge street,
Heading towards town, early September, the air was bitter sweet,
It was just before noon, the radio was playing a Mozart serenade,
A beautiful piece it was, when the announcer said,
Pavarotti – is gone, Luciano is dead – Pavarotti E Morto
No more Otello, Count Almaviva, and Rigoletto,
No longer Pagliacci, La Bohem, Tosca, and Turandot,
Pavarotti is no more, Pavarotti is naught….
Then it was obvious what is to come next…Nessun Dorma, naturally,
His best-known aria, the one that was his, like “Hello” to “Dolly”
There I was heading south in my car, tears down my cheeks, it’s a crime,
Singing Nessun Dorma with Pavarotti, one last time,
And although much has happened, since that cool September day,
In two thousand and seven – and Pavarotti operas I do often play,
Singing Pavarotti was never the same, no matter how hard I tried,
Since that cool September day, the day Pavarotti died

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