The Magic Lantern

I remember many years ago,
Sort of “once upon a time”, you know
I was in grade one or two, about seven
That age, school was more hell than heaven,
But every Friday, before we were let go home-
We had our little weekly tradition
(School was not all the time, like the Spanish Inquisition)
The teacher would take out the “Magic Lantern”, projector,
Put a bed sheet on the wall, and plug the electric connector,
And then to our amazement and wandering little faces
We went on a trip to strange and faraway places,
Sometimes it was a story of a faraway land
Sometime children were building castles in the sand,
Sometimes it was Mickey Mouse and Mini
Sometime it was a tribal dance from New Guinea,
It was not much, if we think of it now,
But to a group of youngsters, it was a huge WOW,
The fact remains, after so many memories and long years
The one memory that is stuck in my head, it appears
Is my teacher Maya, and the Magic Lantern in grade one or two
The Magic Lantern and Maya, remain true.

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