Tonight is Halloween,
I started early, on double dose of caffeine
A double espresso – short and strong
A day starting like that, you cannot go wrong
Had an early meeting in Aroma
Was too early, I was half in a coma
Can’t wait for tonight, taking the kids
To do the rounds, to make their trick or treat bids
Zoe is a pink fairy – queen of the night
Emme is a cat – with a mustache trimmed just right
Next year we shall have another join the group
Their cousin, will be the new recruited troop
And together they shall be tricking and treating
And in the end, their spoils they will be eating
Chocolates, candies, gum, and bars
Oh Henry’s, Arrow, and of course Mars
Mmm….. , yes sir this is an evening for the tummy
Everything is so good and yummy,
Wish we had such fun when I was a kid,
It would have been so much fun (God Forbid)

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