Apples and grapefruits

Lately, I‘ve been thinking about my mother
Well, remembering not thinking, rather
I remembered how she would peel an apple, big and red
With one, ongoing continues motion, in a long thin spiral thread,
In the evening sitting on the balcony, “on the before TV days”, (that’s cute)
We sat, listening to the radio, as she would swirl the peel of a juicy grapefruit,
And we would eat to our hearts content, enjoying the fresh fruity taste,
Making sure not one drop goes to waste,
Funny how as the years go by, without the ones we love
It is the little things we remember, the little details we think of
Maybe it is meant to be this way, to be remembered by our daily deeds
Rather than by the grandeur, the majestic, and our ego needs.

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