So, I am not a part of your life,
You are no longer, my wife
That is all fine and good,
And has long been, understood
Yet, there are certain behavioural codes of conduct
Even in a person, set to self-destruct,
These codes are never broken,
Sort of an agreement, not written nor spoken,
My children, are my children, this will not change
No matter how hard you try, or are deranged,
The little ones are mine, as they are yours
You will never close these doors,
Omitting my name, from the family frame
Shows weakness, and was incredibly lame

One thought on “Lame

  1. Elise says:

    I’m touched by your words.
    You write beautifully.
    This particular poem “Lame” brings back memories that I put to sleep a long time ago.


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