You are so perfect
The perfect woman for me
You are so perfectly perfect
It’s amazing to see,
And between your perfection
And mine
We are just perfectly divine,
And thus we shall perfectly pursue
the perfect marriage
making sure we don’t screw
or this time we are really screwed deep,
for perfection has its weakness
it always has to be perfect
or it loses its uniqueness,
then we end up with
the imperfect perfection
which is basically
perfectly imperfect,
so bottom line my love
we are either:
imperfectly perfect
or perfectly imperfect
either way we are perfect
and this made perfect sense
I am sure you will perfectly agree
As you can perfectly see,
So just keep loving me perfectly
In your imperfect loving way
Until you are imperfectly but
Perfectly frustrated and bored
and then, imperfection !

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