I am tired- exhausted, drained and weary
I walk the walk; talk the talk- bleary
My nights, white nights – spent lying in bed awake
Worried, wired, for what purpose – whose sake?
Does it help – by the day’s end?
That awake -my nights are spent.
Do thoughts of grandeur – play in my head?
Or is it fear- thinking of my daily bread?
Let me strike a deal – sign an agreement
I do not give in -until complete fulfilment
Repeat after me
– and it will be
“You are bright, talented – able
If you want – you could become a fable
So cheer up – chop, chop
You can make it- to the top”
I am here – shoulder strong
I have yet to sing – my swan song
These old bones will yet arise
To everyone’s amazing surprise

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