These few moments

Have I detected – an unhappy note?
Did I unintentionally – disdain promote?
If I did – your forgiveness I seek
I never meant harm – or to be cheek
You know that I hold you – highly respected
Your wellbeing – always protected
My pride has not blinded me- nor affected
My judgment, my senses – not neglected
I have tried to be- less ceremonious
Put you at ease – situation less ominous
Knowing your discomfort -with all but with the Muppet Ernie
I may have turned a short walk – into a long journey
By now you should know me – to be gentle and kind
Never a harsh word – violence declined
Once you had said – we need more passion
At least that was – my initial impression
I agree – your words were so very wise
We work so hard- to have it in disguise
Instead of words of passion- lust and desire
We exchange words – like a church choir
Being so careful – to play the game right
Killing in its infancy -every delight
Sometimes – in those treasured few moments of heat
We let our guard down – it is such a treat
For a short time – we let ourselves go
You and I – we both know
When the guards are down – for all its worth
We truly have – heaven on earth

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