Like a sunflower – you live
Blossoming by day – sleepy by eve
Lively colorful – under the sun
Drowsy at night- your day is done
A woman of contradictions – night and day
Awake at night – in bed you lay
Searching for that– peace of mind
Tired of your –daily grind
I wish with a stroke -of my magic wand
Every night – I would send you to fairyland
Cure your pain – chase the demons away
Those monsters – causing you dismay
Let me hold you – embrace you with love
We have already established- we fit like a glove
I’ll lay you – down to sleep
I’ll even count for you – the woolly sheep
Watch over you – all night long
Until in the morning – you’ll wake with a song
I wish I could – I know I can
I am your sandman

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